How to pick a Domain Name

First thing to remember is that your Website name or Domain

Name, DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR EXISTING COMPANY NAME. You will probably decide to have several domain names and websites to focus on particular parts of your business. This is the MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD FOR SUCCEEDING ONLINE.

If your Business Name is “XYZ Company” it does not tell the prospective client anything when you show up on a search. It does not answer any of the questions the visitor wants to know, The Who, What, When, Where, and How of your business.

So, you should look for Domain Names that are Specific to

several areas of your business. If you do just 1 thing, say

sell “Happy Widgets” then would be great. This

is an important point in learning how to pick a domain name.

If you have a multi purpose business, say John’s Contracting

Service, then,,,, and so on

would tell the visitor what you do.

So, Domain Names should be as short as possible, but say

something about what your site is about. The domain name should

contain the main Keyword or subject of your site if possible.

The domain name may denote branding IF ALLOWED by your

supplier, such as or You

absolutely MUST be certain that this is allowed or I am sure

the Legal Team for the Branded Name will be at your door.

Your Domain Names should be easy to read and NOT contain words easily focused upon that ARE NOT MEANT to be focused on, like sex, in There are many things that can happen when you do not have space between words.  This is another important step in learning how to pick a domain name.

The use of the underscore _ to separate words is not a good

idea. Too hard to explain to customers via the spoken word.  And

when seen in print on a computer, websites or Links are

underlined and the Underscore disappears.

The use of Hyphens (-) should also be avoided, BUT you may want

to “Lock Down” or Purchase these Domain Names to keep

competitors from building a competing site using them.  If

your site is a huge success, you can BET someone will try to

copy it and Hijack your customers.

Even though no hyphens or underscores are used in longer Domain

Names, you can and should capitalize the first letter of each

word. The search engines do not care, it is not the same as

emails and passwords. So, ControlYourOwnWebSites.Com just shows better than I never understood why many large businesses do not use this trick. This is a very important in learning how to pick a domain name.

You might want to talk to several people and tell them the

Domain Name you are thinking about.  See if they can

“understand” what you are saying and even write it down. If you

have trouble telling them what the domain is or they can not

write it or repeat it correctly, the you have a problem. Think

of a different domain name.

You should avoid if at all possible using extensions other than

a .Com.  Dot Com (.com) is KING. It is a .com world. the other

extensions such as .org, .net, .info have their place, but a business should ALWAYS USE A .COM name. We have and will again use a .info or a .net that someone DID NOT LOCK DOWN, and then Redirect to a specific page or site that has a more difficult URL to explain to customers how to get there.

We are sure that these tips will show you How To Pick A Domain

Name. And we would be grateful if you showed your appreciation

by using Get A DomainToday to find and purchase your Domain Names.

You may see “Tricks” and “Gimic” Ads and a promise of cheaper

domain names. These are 1 time only deals and the price goes up

exponentially on renewal. A lot of these sites WILL NOT LET YOU MOVE THE DOMAIN rather than pay the High Renewal. They will tell you the Domain ACTUALLY BELONGS TO THEM AND NOT YOU. Do not make a mistake. Get your domains that will be yours for a long as you keep them registered and from a Registrar that will let you transfer, sell, move, change hosting servers or just about anything you want.

Here is the place to Get A Domain Today that will be YOURS to do with as you wish.

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