Hourly Rate Terms

Here are the Terms of ControlYourOwnWebSites.Com Hourly Rate Plan:

Ala Carte time at $50 per hour segments, all to be Prepaid.
1st hour is 1/2 hour at a time minimum (you may have 1 hour or 2 half hour time slots).
Once the second ½ hour begins, you are committed to using the last half hour at that time.

All subsequent hours (time prepaid over 1 hour in hour increments) are charged in 1/4 hour increment time intervals after the First Hour is used (each quarter hour or part there of).


1 hour and 20 minutes would equate to 1-1/2 hours time.
1 hour and 12 minutes would equate to 1-1/4 hours time.

Hourly Cost Prepaid (subject to change):

1 hour is $50
2 hours is 10% discount = $90
3 hours is 15% discount = $127.50
4 hours is 20% discount = $160

4 hours and above is straight $40 per hour. Sessions longer than 1 hour, will require breaks, so plan for extra time (not billed to you).  If you think you need more than 4 hours, it may be more cost effective to let us build the site for you if we can.

REFUNDS: NONE. If you are not sure of how much time you need, hit the contact us link and ask first. If you purchase several hours and just do not need them, we will work with you. Refunds via PayPal take time and cost us, so these cost will be passed on to you (10% of refund), but let’s try to avoid them in the first place.

For Help beyond our Expertise:

We have associates that can take care of almost any need in Web Site Construction. Things like complicated shopping carts other than PayPal and Merchant  Account or Billing Solutions. Generally, these problems are solved and installations accomplished quickly.

The hourly rate of these Specialist is $125 per hour plus the cost of any program(s) needed (shopping cart, billing system, etc.). These people are great and very fast. You will not be disappointed.  Use the Contact Us form to let us know what you need and we will HOOK YOU UP.

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