Getting Started

WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED FOR YOUR ControlYourOwnWebSites Custom Built Web Presence.

To Get Started, You will need to do these things and keep the information in a file so there will be Fast and Easy access to it.  We must have this information to set up your Site Correctly.

If you wish for us to obtain this information, then forward it to you, we can and will, But, it takes time and we must charge additional for providing this service.  To apply to these places and receive documents such as User names, Passwords, Special Keys, and Codes can take anywhere from a few minutes after applying, to several days.  In one case, the information will probably be MAILED to you by the provider and WE must have this information, so DO NOT LOOSE IT.

For Applying to these places in YOUR name, we expect the cost to be an additional $50 for the time it takes.  AND, you will still need to keep track and give us any information that is sent directly to you , EITHER by US Postal Service or your Email account. Some of these services do cost something and require a valid Credit Card to be on file in the name of the account holder. You will need to handle this no matter what. We do not want your CC information other than going through our PayPal Links and even then, we do not have it, PayPal controls that.

After we get this information and your paid Subscription, we can efficiently begin to build your web site(s).

1. Get a G-Mail account (a Google email account with your domain name such as “YourDomain”AT would be good, but not necessary). Remember, let us suggest names that will help the search engines, this is a major decision and a bad Domain Name will decrease the impact of a site.   Please read our  How To Pick A Domain Name Guide.  Go to Google, and search for Gmail to get your G-Mail account.


2. Apply for more Google Services with your Gmail email:

YouTube account (now a Google company) with a “Channel(s)” name using your Domain(s) name (such as channel). Go to YouTube.

Google Analytics account at Analytics , if you want the ultimate in tracking.

Google Places for Business account at Google Places. They will either call or Snail Mail you to verify.  It will be better if we fill out the form correctly for you, but You must save the information that Google sends You.

3.  Amazon AWS account at Amazon AWS. You must have an S3 (Simple Storage Solution) account Mainly for Backups of your site(s) automatically. If you want videos, several pictures, and images stored, would be another reason. This is the best and cheapest storage we know of. They will give you 2 Keys, you MUST save both for us to put any thing on your site requiring large storage (Videos).  You need to provide a Credit Card.

4.  Akismet API Key. This is necessary for some WordPress features to work. Sign up here Akismet Key there is a charge for business use (the $5 plan should work just fine).  Look over the documentation.  If you do not want this, some of the Good features of WordPress will not work. If you do NOT allow Comments to be posted, you do not need Akismet.

5.  WordPress API Key.  This is needed for other WordPress features. It is free. Get your key here WordPress Key.

UPDATE ON WP API KEYS — “As of November 2011, new accounts are no longer automatically assigned an API Key. API Keys are currently used only for activating the Akismet service for blogs and sites that are not hosted on”  This is Directly from WordPress.

6.  Yahoo API Key. If you do not have one, get it here for free: Yahoo Key. You may want to use a Yahoo email for this one, since Google, and Yahoo-Bing do not play well in some cases.

7.  Copy.  We need the information you want on your Home Page such as Full address and contact information, Type(s) of Products or Talent that you provide, Prices if applicable, Size of jobs you want, Types of projects you do, Special Qualifications or Licenses or Certifications you have, Pictures or Videos or Logos that promote your business, any thing that makes you stand out and above the competition. Any other information that you want your potential customers to know.  We need this information in digital format (.doc or MS Word (use OpenOffice.Org for programs if you do not have the Microsoft Office programs), .txt or plain text. Use Jpeg, Png, or Gif for pictures and graphics.  Use .mov, .avi, .wmv. or .flv for Videos.
Use the Contact Us Form when you have the information to email us or use our email controlyourwebsites(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Well, that is all we can think of at this time. It may be that WordPress, Google, Amazon, or one of the other support suppliers may and do from time to time require more information.

We will be happy to answer as many of your questions as we can.  We need these things to begin construction of your site.  If you just do not want some of these, let us know so we can explain the repercussions of NOT having them.

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