4.  If you needed to quickly put up a “Special” or a “Notice”, can the web designer get it done in an HOUR or less? When you use the Control Your Own Website method, you can.

5.  Can you get a Video on your site in a matter of minutes to promote something or can you even AFFORD to have your web designer do it? Google gives “Brownie” points for quality Videos on a site. We show you how or we can do it for you.

6.  Can you find ANY Statistics about your site that confirms or denies traffic?

7.  Do you show on the FIRST or Second PAGE of the Search Engines for your Services as well as your business name?

8.  Does your site show on Mobile Devices?

9.  Can you put a Coupon Special Offer on your Site?

10.  And this is VERY IMPORTANT. Does your website show as a Google Map Location. Remember how many searches are for Local Business (about 50%). If you are not there, someone else gets the $$$. The Control Your Own WebSite method helps Google do this.

11.  Does your website show in Google Places? If not, your are giving your competitors a leg up and loosing $$$.

12.  Does your website offer a way to capture visitor’s email and name so you can maintain contact and continue to offer solutions for their needs, wants, and problems?

If any of the above questions cause you to be concerned, then YOU NEED A ControlYourOwnWebSite.Com WebSite presence. We can fix your Problems at a very affordable price.

We can build you a New Website with a better Domain Name, build it correctly and give your business a new life. You can Fire the old Webmaster, Domain Registrar, and Hosting company.

You NEED a web site built for LOCAL SEARCHES and for MOBILE DEVICES. That is the Present and Future Requirement for a Business to Survive and Prosper.

If you would like Us to make and produce an Introduction Video for your business and Edit as needed and/or do a complete Voice Over and even add Music, we can do that. We can also provide training so you can do this yourself.

If you are within our driving distance, we can make your Intro Video for $195 if we build your site with our recommended Domain Name host and our recommended Web Hosting company.

If you want an Intro Video or any other video at a later time, the cost will depend on what is needed. Time will be billed at $50.00 per hour and travel time is billable time.

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