7.  With a Paid 1 Year Hosting Plan from ControlYourWebHosting.com, we include 1 Domain Name for 1 Year, registered with GetADomainToday.Com. You will most likely want more than 1 Domain. Again, let us help you choose Domain Names that will actually improve your business presence on the web.

Want More than the Standard Package?

Would you like a video that introduces yourself and your business services to your potential customers?  We can do that.  If you are within a 50 mile driving zone, we can come to your location shoot the video, edit it as needed, format it to be usable as a handout CD as well as upload it to YouTube, and put it on your website for only $195. Many places will charge several hundreds of dollars to do this. You will need a YouTube Account (free). Purchase this option by clicking the Add to Cart button on the right side of the page. We will need to make an appointment for the time.

If you need a way to manage you email name list, we can provide access to that service or possible send out emails for you. Use the

Contact Us form to explain what you are interested in doing.  Phone calls are fine, but it is easier to research what you want first, then contact you.

There are so many things that can be done that are not standard, please use our Contact Us form to inquire about any needs that you may have. Our local Hourly rates are in blocks of time. You can order additional help and service above the Standard Site Build if you need it or want it. You can see those rates by clicking on the Arrow drop down  on the right side under Hourly Rates.

If for any reason, your needs are above our skill level, we have associates the can do specialty and high tech work such as sophisticated shopping carts integrated into your merchant account.  We will hook you up with them if needed.

Why Do You Need a Website?

The Yellow book and publications like it are either DEAD or Dying. When is the last time you used one to find something. Do you even know where the yellow book is?  Mine are always hiding and I usually use a cell.

Most people use either a Computer or a Mobile Device. About 50% of searches are for LOCAL Services and about half of that is from a Mobile Device. If you are Depending on the Yellow book or something like it to Stay In Business, You are Loosing Out.

Why do you need to Control Your Own WebSite?

1.  Most Web designers charge a very high fee to make a website that may look PRETTY, but Does Not bring in Clients or Customers. The reason they do not work is the sites are NOT built correctly for the Search Engines and Mobile devices CAN NOT See Your Site.

2.  After they build the site, you must pay them to Modify or ADD to the site. If you can even get them to return a call or email.

3.  Millions of Videos are downloaded each DAY on the Tube. Why? Because video works. Video creates interest and sells better than words or pictures. You could put a video up in a few minutes if YOU Controlled Your Own WebSite.

4.  Usually after you get tired of LOOKING for the Web Designer and decide to “just get someone else”, you discover that YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR OWN WEBSITE, the web designer does. They Own the Domain Name and the Hosting Account, so it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO GO ANYWHERE. You are HELD HOSTAGE.

5.  With our method, You will Own your Domain Name and You will be able to Control Your Own WebSite. We show you how.

6.  Even if you WANT US to make changes to YOUR site, YOU STILL WILL OWN IT. We will charge a modest fee to make changes and add information.

What if You ALREADY HAVE A WebSite?

1.  Are you happy with it? Does it bring in Clients and Customers?

2.  Do you Own the Domain Name? Can you make changes YOURSELF?

3.  If you Can Not make changes or additions, does it cost $100 or more to add a page or make the changes?

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